X-Ray Fluorescence

Alternate Systems has over 35 years of experience with XRF coating thickness measurement and energy-dispersive X-ray micro analysis. In addition to surface finishing and electronics applications, we have supported projects including special coatings on flight systems, detonator bridge characterizations, and neutron tube manufacturing. We have even developed a novel method to determine the density of PETN pellets in very small volumes. Alternate Systems has supported special component manufacture for the Z Machine pulsed power project.

Alternate Systems has practical experience with all makes of XRF coating thickness gauges including Bowman, Bruker, CMI, Fischer Technology, Hitachi High-Technologies, Oxford, Seiko Instruments and UPA/Veeco.

We can perform accredited recertification of your plating thickness standards, and accredited calibration and radiation safety surveys of your X-ray instrumentation and imaging systems. As an accredited testing laboratory, Alternate Systems can measure your parts and samples. We can help you achieve out-of-the-ordinary results with your special applications.

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