Alternate Systems is a calibration company founded in 1986, based in Dallas, Texas. We are a fully ISO 9001:2008 registered (QAS US3205) and ISO 17025:2005 compliant calibration lab specializing in calibration services for temperature, electronic test & measurement instruments, process controls, assembly tools, balances and scales, and equipment for coating, conductivity, and ferrite measurement.

We manufacture calibration standards, provide measurement services, calibration services, temperature mapping, validation, and radiation and laser safety services. In addition we provide full sales and calibration support for Hitachi High Technologies XRF instrumentation.

Our skilled calibration technicians also calibrate and service a variety of measuring instruments and process controls with specialization in XRF, Eddy current, and magnetic induction coating thickness measurement, coating standards, ferrite and conductivity measurement tools.

Our temperature mapping services include placing sensors throughout a space to log data for a period of time and report results to our clients in accordance with FDA IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocols.

We provide non-destructive coating and plating analyzers, metal foil and plated standards for use with energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) coating analyzers, and calibration services for XRF coating analyzers and other non-destructive coating thickness measuring instruments and calibration standards.

Alternate Systems manufactures Mylar® foil calibration standards for magnetic induction and Eddy current coating thickness measurement instruments since 1994.

We also provide radiation and laser safety training, radiation surveys, and expert consultation in coating measurement and analysis to many manufacturers, defense manufacturers and research laboratories.

We love working with customers to provide the correct level of service to meet individual requirements. We help you understand the right questions to ask to ensure your devices are calibrated for your specific use. We provide top tier customer service with Lean Six Sigma processes. We look forward to working with you to provide “better measurements for a better world”™

Construction Managment

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Facility Maintenance

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Mining Infrastructure

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Pavement Preservation

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Residential Construction

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Site Location

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