Thickness Standards

Thickness Standards

When your applications require the very best in coating and film thickness standards, call Alternate Systems. Each standard is serialized and made to order. Our stock dimensions have an effective area of 2 inches by 1.75 inches exclusive of the 1 inch by 2 inches label.

We are always interested in developing special standards for our clients. Alternate Systems makes OEM standards private-labeled for a leading manufacturer of interferometry-based coating thickness gauges.

Standards are made of Mylar® in the 0-14 mil range, and of alternate materials above 14 mils.

Industrial Grade Standards

Perfect for basic coating thickness calibration needs, our industrial grade standards are certified to 20 µin.

Laboratory Grade Standards

When you need the highest accuracy to reduce risk, choose Alternate Systems’ laboratory grade film standards. These standards are measured across the entire face of the standard and delivered with an uncertainty of 2.4 µin. Our laboratory grade standards are used by leading technology companies with high requirements and sometimes unexpected and unusual uses.

We are always adding to our inventory of thicknesses, and currently cover the range from 60 µin. up to 0.250 inches. If your required thicknesses are not listed here, we can likely make them for you. Call us and let us know how we can help. These thicknesses are nominal. Each standard is certified to order:

mils µm
0.058 1.5
0.150 4.0
0.270 6.8
0.400 10.2
0.580 14.7
0.860 21.8
1.35 34.2
2.65 67.3
4.50 114
7.50 191
10.00 254
14.00 356
19.68 500
59.0 1500
79.0 2000
118 3000
157 4000
236 6000
354 9000

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