Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Alternate Systems can help you select an environmental monitoring system that fits your needs. We can design, install, calibrate, and validate your monitoring system.

Environmental conditions can affect the integrity of your products, having a direct effect on your product quality, patient risk, and your bottom line.

We understand your samples and products are important to your success as a company. Valuable research specimens and cultures may be irreplaceable once lost. The loss of critical goods can be devastating to your company and its customers. Proper calibration of your monitoring systems is vital.
Alternate System’s skilled engineers and mobile, high accuracy calibration equipment provide you with high quality services that will insure the lowest uncertainties possible.

Alternate Systems can deploy enough data loggers to environmentally map controlled environments as small as a benchtop cooler, incubator, or thermal cycler, and as large as walk-in or drive-in refrigerators and freezers as well as the largest warehouses.

Our equipment is able to provide scalable solutions that integrate multiple sensors. They can be fixed or mobile. Data can be managed, accessed, and exported via browser interfaces, mobile apps and even plain old analog telephone lines.

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