Plastic spacers roundness calibration services

Alternate Systems is a calibration services company founded in 1986, based in Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW), Texas that specializes in plastic spacers roundness calibration services.

LABMASTER® 200 laser based standard measuring system is designed to be easy to operate while delivering calibration quality, accuracy, and reproducibility. The exclusive digital interferometer measures internal and external dimensions by comparing the measurement probe position to the wavelength of a laser light source, effectively coupling the wavelength of light to the part being measured. The patented laser path is in line with the measurement axis to eliminate Abbe error.

The thermal coefficient of expansion for this laser wavelength is more than ten times smaller than that of steel, making for a highly stable measurement source. Equally important, the linearity errors inherent in other scales (glass, steel, LVDTs) are absent in Pratt & Whitney’s laser. Because this wavelength of light is stable, linear, and has very high resolution, LABMASTER® provides the most accurate means of linear dimension measurement available in the world. And that’s not all. GageCal™, the Windows®-based control software simplifies data collection and speeds up data entry. Add our optional gage management module and the system is complete. All subsystems complement each other to deliver the accuracy of a comparator while offering the productivity associated with direct-reading instruments. All this allows Alternate Systems to provide the most accurate fast turn calibration of your gages.

In addition to being a LABMASTER® specialist, Alternate Systems is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to calibrate a wide variety of measurement tools including multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, power meters, and more. Also, Alternate Systems is ISO 9001 certified for calibration, standards, measurement services, testing, research, development, design, manufacturing, and safety services. If your work requires testing, Alternate Systems is an accredited testing laboratory with special capabilities in coating, film and plating thickness measurement. Check out our accreditations. Alternate Systems makes the best coating and film thickness standards in the world.

A multimeter measures various qualities of electric and electronic signals like current, frequency, resistance, voltage, and capacitance.

Digital multimeters are used for electrical safety, equipment maintenance, electronic assembly, design, quality control, and much more.

Because of the critical nature of these measurements, it is very important to have your multimeters calibrated on a regular basis. Alternate Systems’ expert and experienced engineers and technicians use state of the art calibration standards to calibrate digital multimeters and associated electronic test and measurement instrumentation.

Three levels of calibration are available:

  • Level 1 Calibration without data
  • Level 2 Calibration with data
  • Level 3 Accredited calibration with data and uncertainties

Our plastic spacers roundness calibration services provides “better measurements for a better world.”

Our skilled multimeter calibration technicians are calibration and validation experts.

In addition to plastic spacers roundness calibration services our calibration services include calibrating and servicing a variety of measuring instruments and process controls with specialization in XRF, Eddy current, and magnetic induction coating thickness measurement, XRF and film thickness standards, electronic test instruments, and temperature.

Our temperature mapping services include placing sensors throughout a space to log data for a period of time and report results to our clients in accordance with 21 CFR Parts 210/211.

We provide non-destructive coating and plating instruments, manufacture metal foil and plated standards for use with energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) coating analyzers, and calibration services for XRF coating analyzers and other non-destructive coating thickness measuring instruments and calibration standards.

In addition to plastic spacers roundness calibration services we have been manufacturing Mylar film or foil thickness calibration standards for magnetic induction and Eddy current coating thickness measurement instruments since 1994. Now these standards are being provided for manufacturers measuring instruments using new technologies. We make the best film thickness standards in the world!

Alternate Systems provides radiation and laser safety training, radiation surveys, and expert consultation in coating measurement and analysis to aerospace manufacturers, defense manufacturers and research laboratories.

In addition to plastic spacers roundness calibration services we specialize in providing 21 CFR Part 11 validation, cold chain GMP services, cold chain cGMP and GXP services, cold chain temperature monitoring, temperature-controlled storage facility mapping, temperature measuring systems, temperature calibration, temperature mapping, and many other validation and calibration services. Alternate Systems designs, installs, calibrates, and validates environmental monitoring and alarm SCADA systems.

We are your calibration and validation experts.

Our skilled multimeter calibration technicians love working with customers and ask the right questions to ensure your devices are calibrated for your specific use. We pride ourselves on our top tier customer service and look forward to working with you.

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In addition to Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) we provide plastic spacers roundness calibration services in Austin, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos and anywhere in Texas as well as Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, and Wyoming.