Greetings and happy new year! This is a good time to review 2022’s accomplishments and share some thoughts about what’s coming in 2023.

Installation of the Pratt & Whitney Labmaster 200 is the big news of capability expansion. This instrument couples thickness measurements to the wavelength of light. This intrinsic standard is great for calibrating gage blocks however we are using it to manufacture the best Mylar® film thickness standards in the world. We’ve also started to use it in the manufacturing of X-ray fluorescence foil calibration standards. This allows us to have an uncertainty of less than 5 µin. on both Mylar® films and metal foil standards.

Along with the Labmaster, Alternate Systems has developed and produced a new high accuracy/high uniformity film thickness standard for confocal microscopes and interferometers. The film is mounted in a beautifully machined and finished aluminum mount which provided equal tension around the circumference of the standard.

We’ve also instituted regular leadership training for the team. Our administrative, engineering, and quality teammates have completed a leadership training presented by the Texas Consilium and the UT-McCombs School of Business. The team is also utilizing leadership training from Bell Leadership’s Leaders’ Roundtable.

Alternate Systems continues to attract customers in its ideal customer profile. This makes growth a lot of fun. Stay tuned as we will be adding technical staff in the new year. Also planned is an upgrade of our XRF measurement capabilities.

Best wishes for 2023!

Peter W. Wright