A new Lake Lewisville fishing record?

Nathan Tang caught this 10.6 pound hybrid bass in Lake Lewisville. The previous Texas Parks and Wildlife record for age 16 and under was 8.09 pounds. Nathan’s father, Engles Tang contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife and was told they needed to get their fishing scale calibrated in order qualify for the record.

Mr. Tang reached out to Alternate Systems for ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration of their scale. Alternate Systems has calibrated a surprising number of fishing scales for competition anglers, and we were excited to take the job. Here is Derek Kunish calibrating the scale with a 10 pound class F weight, and the scale displayed 10.0 pounds. We hope that Nathan Tang is the new record holder in the 16 and under age group!

Metrology is vital in almost all industries, temperature, amount of ingredients, electrical and electronic characteristics, humidity, material analysis, and fishing scales when the record is on the line!